If the foundation be destroyed, what will the righteous do? (Psalm 11: 3). Every institution, life, building, and organization has a foundation. The Bible says that a foolish man built his house on the sand, and when storm, flood and wind came against it, it fell and great was its fall. A wise man however, built his house on the rock and when the storm, the flood and the wind came against it, it did not fall because the foundation of the house was strongly founded upon the rock. The only sure foundation to any life, kingdom, throne, and institution, such as marriage, on which they will survive, is the foundation of the word of God. When temptations, challenges, and trials come, the house (marriage, government, and kingdom) stays strong, because it is founded upon the solid rock, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Marriage is ordained and executed by God. It is his original idea and the most important institution in the world. It started from the beginning of creation and will continue un

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