The LORD'S ordinances, statutes, and laws are for all generations including the Messianic Kingdom. Though we are called to approach Him at all times, but He has appointed times when He commands us to meet with Him. These include daily, weekly, monthly appointments. He also has appointments for feasts and festivals whereby we are required to present our sons unto Him, these appointed times.


Our obedience in observing the LORD’S appointments conforms us to His divine timing, and blessings. It is the total restoration of all creation to their original purpose so that all creation in Heaven Earth and under the Earth, join to worship the LORD, in one accord. We are created for His pleasure, and for His purpose to display His Glory upon the Earth and to rule with Him over all creations and Kingdoms. We will dwell with Him, forever.

Divine Appointments: Feasts, Fasts and Ordinance of Worship in Messianic Temple