The book chronicles the Prophetic ministry of Elijah, the prophet who often called down fire from Heaven. His ministry took place during the time when King Ahab and Jezebel ruled Israel, polluted the land with idolatry and killed the prophets of Baal. Elijah as the Prophet of God declared the judgement of God upon the land by shutting the Heavens through prayer so that there was no rain or dew in the land for three and half years. The Lord used him to confront and destroy the prophets of Baal and to prove Himself the only True God in the land. Elijah's prophetic ministry displayed the power of God to bring judgment upon the land for the wickedness of the people; His ability to sustain and protect His servants who trust in Him. In spite of the displays of the power of God through Elijah which is attributed to His fervent life of prayer, we also see that he displayed his humanity through the time of discouragement through which we saw the grace of God to sustain and refresh His servants

Elijah the Prophet of Fire