The strategies of the enemy in battles against the people of God over the years have been similar. He is threatened by the people and the nations that belong to God. He is also threatened by those who declare the will and the counsel of God on Earth through the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. So he attacks, enslaves, intimidates, terrorizes and also tries to kill them. In all these ways, he never stops until God intervenes for His people when they cry out to Him in prayers. 

The Lord did not leave us at the mercy of the enemy in any battle. He is the captain our warfare and He has all the needed strategies for us to undertake in every battle. Each battle has a needed strategy from the Lord with which we can win our victory. In the old times, the Lord gave His people peculiar strategy for each battle, and as the people of God follow divine instruction for each battle,, they had overwhelming victory. This book looks into various battles the through which the Lord led

God of War, Arise! Battles Belong to the Lord