This book is one of the series in Hosting the LORD’S Glory on Earth. It is written that without holiness no one shall see the LORD. It is a deep desire in the heart of the LORD to dwell and walk among us as He did in the days of our fathers: In Moses tabernacle, David’s Tabernacle and the temple of Solomon. He promised to return to dwell with us again in the Messianic Temple, but holiness is the only prerequisite to entering His Holy Mountain, and dwelling with Him.

Holiness, is not a life without any atom of sin, but a life set apart unto the LORD for His holy use. As people that have been set apart unto the LORD as holy, we live our lives to the glory of His Holy Name. The LORD by His Holy Spirit empowers us unto holy living. The author explores in details, the LORD’S requirements for holy living, pleasing Him. It is the will of God that we live holy lives unto Him for without holiness, no one shall see Him.The LORD Jesus pleased the Father in all He did, and we are called to walk even as He walked so that we share in His Glory and reign together with Him as kings and priests unto the LORD. God has restored the former dominion and has come to dwell with us on Earth in the Messianic Temple; it is only by holiness that we shall host His Presence on Earth. 

Holiness unto the LORD: Honoring the LORD