The Restoration of the Levitical Priesthood, is a four-colored illustrated book on the laws and the ordinances of tge Levitical Priesthood in the Millennium Temple. It is part of the series of the books on Hosting the LORD'S GLORY IN EARTH IN THE MILLENNIUM TEMPLE. The Lord have detailed instructions concerning the holiness and thec laws of the Levitical Priests that will draw near to minister unto Him, and to come near His Holy Things. Holiness sure, becomes the Lord's House in the Millennium Kingdom. The author also examines the setting up of the Tabernacle of David, the theme of the spiritual sacrifices unto the Lord following David's order of Worship in the Messianic Temple. This book is a training handbook for the Levitical Priests, the sons of Zadok. God is restoring His covenant with David concerning His eternal Kingship, the Levitical Priesthood with whom the Lord had an eternal covenant of peace. In His re-gathering since restoration of thec nation is Israel to fulfill His eternal covenant with Abraham that his descendants shall possess and dwell in the Promised Land forever. He is restoring both the Davidic Dynasty and Levitical Priesthood so that He will dwell with His people again on Earth asHe promised. It is the restoration of all things and the Garden of Eden again on Earth.

The Restoratin of the Levitical Priesthood